In her sophomore album, Love Will Remain, San Diego-based artist Vanessa Mitchell musically examines intense grief following the loss of her father to pancreatic cancer in January 2022. 

While her debut solo album, Nice To Meet You was released back in 2010, Vanessa states, “I didn’t have anything to say… Until now.” 

This new album released in January 2023 focuses on a different kind of story not often in the spotlight – that of a father & daughter. 

Vanessa says:

I’m moving through grief in the only way I know how, which is by being creative. It’s quite cathartic to create music that acts as a soundtrack to your feelings. 

My Dad was AMAZING – A best friend and mentor. I honestly can’t believe that now he’s someone ‘to be remembered.’ 

I didn’t think I had the energy to write another song being nearly 40 years old raising three kids, nurturing a marriage, and running a business where team members and clients rely on me. 

But as Martina McBride sang, ‘The pain’s gotta go somewhere.’ 

After Dad was diagnosed, our family talked all day about what needed to be done medically, but the elephant in the room was the fact that he might not survive this. There were a lot of hidden tears to be strong for each other. 

Music allowed me to express the unsaid. 

Having a ‘project’ allowed me to feel some sense of control during a time when I otherwise didn’t have any. 

100% of any profits I receive during the first year of the album's release will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  These particular songs were a gift to me and it only makes sense to send it back out.

My Dad's in Heaven now, but releasing this album feels very On Purpose and In Service. 

Someone will hear my songs and feel less alone. 

It’s incredibly powerful if you can give someone the gift of feeling understood.  It's a GOOD thing. 

And if we're not doing good things, what ARE we doing?”