Update 1 | December With Dad

Dad and I have been up to some fun 😎  I’m taking work off during December to invest time with him, and asked in a private Facebook group about local ideas. I was surprised to get HUNDREDS of people suggesting fun activities and wanting to offer cool behind-the-scenes unique experiences.  😀💥

Energy levels can be hit or miss and this week was tough 😞, so whether we’re off on an adventure, or sitting on the couch watching Shark Tank, the point is just being together. 💛
The first activity was going aboard the USS Makin Island Navy ship for a private tour, which is the same style of ship that his dad served on.

The beautiful-hearted woman who reached out to me, Cherish, said her husband would speak to his commanding officer to see if they could be “extra” about it. And it sure was! 🎉

We got a full tour behind the scenes, enjoyed the deck with incredible views, and were treated to lunch in the Chief’s mess. We met an incredible Chief, Donny, who was kind, articulate, and really cares for his family.  He spoke adoringly about his amazing wife who takes care of their family while he’s deployed, and we all had a deep conversation about life.

Feeling blessed & grateful ❤️